Wax Leafed Privet Trees – Ligustrum Japonicum


The Wax Leafed Privet, or Ligustrum Japonicum, while often employed as a hedging plant, also thrives as a standalone tree. Native to Japan, this evergreen tree has established a strong presence in many parts of the world, including the UK, due to its durability and appealing aesthetics.


Wax Leafed Privet Trees (Ligustrum Japonicum)

Wax Leafed Privet, or Ligustrum Japonicum, isn’t just a popular hedging choice, but it also thrives as a standalone tree, offering a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and adaptability. It’s these characteristics that have made the Wax Leafed Privet tree an increasingly popular choice in the UK.

Why Wax Leafed Privet Makes a Great Tree Choice

Year-Round Appeal: Wax Leafed Privet is an evergreen tree with glossy, dark green leaves that remain vibrant throughout the year, providing consistent visual interest.

Versatility: Adaptable to various soil types and conditions, including full sun or partial shade, Wax Leafed Privet trees fit well into a wide range of landscape designs.

Low Maintenance: Requiring minimal care, this tree is tolerant of pruning, allowing flexibility in shaping and size control. Its moderate growth rate also means that it does not become unmanageable.

Wildlife Attraction: The creamy-white, fragrant flowers, followed by black berries, attract various pollinators and birds, contributing to the local ecosystem.

Disease Resistance: The tree is notably resistant to common diseases and pests, ensuring a healthy, long-lived presence in the garden.

Comparison to Other Tree Options

Compared to other tree options, Wax Leafed Privet holds several distinct advantages:

Evergreen Nature: Unlike deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the winter, Wax Leafed Privet maintains its lush appearance throughout all seasons.

Adaptability: While some trees might require specific soil or sunlight conditions, the Wax Leafed Privet’s broad tolerance makes it suitable for various garden environments.

Size Control: Some tree species can grow excessively large, becoming difficult to manage. Wax Leafed Privet’s moderate growth and responsiveness to pruning provide greater control over its size and shape.

Wax Leafed Privet in the UK Climate

Wax Leafed Privet has proven to be well-suited to the UK climate. Its hardiness allows it to withstand the country’s cooler winters, while its tolerance to different soil types and conditions ensures that it can thrive in various parts of the UK. Its moderate growth rate and ability to adapt to urban conditions make it a practical choice for both city and countryside gardens.

Furthermore, the tree’s contribution to local biodiversity is a valuable asset in the UK’s varied ecosystems. By providing shelter and food sources for various wildlife, it plays a supportive role in maintaining ecological balance.


Wax Leafed Privet trees, with their evergreen beauty, adaptability, and ecological contributions, offer a compelling choice for UK gardeners looking to add both aesthetic and functional value to their landscapes. Whether planted as a single specimen or part of a mixed planting scheme, Ligustrum Japonicum provides a captivating and practical option that compares favorably to many other tree choices in the region.


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