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Our Thuja Smaragd, alternatively called Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd, is a very high-quality conifer like our Leylandii, just slightly more compact. The foliage is a bright green colour with an aromatic scent and keeps its beauty year-round as it is evergreen. The naturally conical shaped shrubs are recognised as excellent options for British gardens as they thrive and grow well in the British climate and their emerald colouring will not fade in colder environments.

The Thuja Smaragd (if preferred) will grow tall- easily over 3m in height, making them ideal for instant privacy and protection. Due to the natural shaping of the Thuja, they require low maintenance in shaping and pruning and when planted together will form a dense hedge that is perfect for sound and wind protection. The Thuja Smaragd is placed into the “medium growing hedge” category as it will grow around 30-40cm per year and can reach a mature height of 4 meters tall if desired. We offer you the choice of Thuja Smaragd in a range of sizes, meaning you can choose to affordably grow the hedging or receive it fully-grown and instantly have the benefits of its colour and natural sculpting. If you are after a faster growing conifer, our Leylandii is a perfect alternative and will give your garden the same great colour.

The Thuja Smaragd is a very hardy shrub, adding to its low maintenance as a hedging option, and will grow in most soil types, providing they are well-drained and in full or part sunlight. The area they are planted in however should not be overly exposed to avoid any harsh wind damage. When correctly cared for, the Thuja Smaragd can survive for up to 30 years, making them great value for money as your garden can continue to reap the aesthetic benefits of the Thuja for a good period. Our Thuja Smaragd are a perfect option for those after both privacy and beauty and are always loved by our customers with smaller gardens due to their narrower, conical shapes that allow them to save on space.

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