Pot Grown Griselinia

Griselinia littoralis hedging, also known as New Zealand Privet, is praised by our customers for its vibrancy of the leaves and the privacy it offers for their gardens. The low maintenance and fast-growing nature of the hedging helps make this a product for all customers.

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Pot Grown Griselinia - 15-30cm£3.39
Pot Grown Griselinia - 30-50cm£7.49
Pot Grown Griselinia - 50-70cm£17.49
Pot Grown Griselinia - 70-90cm£27.49

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  1. Audrey Howarth

    Beautiful hedging plant! Amazing service and could not be happier with this purchase! Thank you Sophia from Harrods Outdoor!

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Griselinia littoralis hedging, also known as New Zealand Privet, is often in high demand with our customers due to its vivid, green leaves that stand out in any garden, no matter the rainy weather. The fast-growing nature and vibrancy of the hedging makes it a great alternative for common evergreen hedging for our customers.

The Griselinia littoralis (if preferred) can eventually grow tall, over 5m in height, helping give your garden privacy. In one year the Griselinia littoralis can typically grow anywhere from 20cm – 40cm depending on factors like watering and nutrients, placing it into the “Medium growing” category of hedges. It is easily maintained if trimmed once or twice a year, making it ideal if you prefer a low maintenance hedge. We offer you the choice of Griselinia littoralis from 15cm tall, to 200 cm tall, meaning you can choose to affordably grow the hedging or receive it fully-grown and have the benefits of its privacy and vibrancy instantly.

We encourage customers with coastal gardens to consider choosing Griselinia littoralis for their hedging because it is most suitable for these areas as it prefers well-drained soil. The hedging can thrive in both full sunned areas and partially shaded areas, and can grow into a mature hedge easily and at a fast speed, and so is always popular with our customers.

Griselinia littoralis will offer your garden complete privacy, with its dense leaves helping to prevent noise and vision into the garden, and due to its fast-growing rate, this privacy can be obtained quickly. We recommend trimming the Griselinia littoralis in between spring and summer with secateurs, however pruning it with shears should be fine also. If required, the hedging can again be trimmed towards the end of summer, but this may not be necessary due to its low maintenance.

The recommended planting density varies depending on the height of Griselinia littoralis you buy. For example:

Small – 15cm-100cm it is recommended that you plant 3-5 per metre

Medium – 100cm-180cm it is recommended that you plant 2 per metre

Large – 180cm-200cm it is recommended that you plant only 1 per metre