Pink Marble Hedging – Photinia X Fraseri Pink Marble


Photinia X Fraseri ‘Pink Marble’, commonly known as Pink Marble Red Robin, is a stunning variation of the widely-loved Photinia plant. Renowned for its unique pink-tinged, variegated leaves, this plant offers an exceptional aesthetic appeal, which, combined with its easy care requirements, makes it a top choice for hedges in the UK.

Pink Marble Red Robin Hedging Plants (Photinia X Fraseri ‘Pink Marble’)

Photinia X Fraseri ‘Pink Marble’, commonly known as Pink Marble Red Robin, is a stunning variation of the widely-loved Photinia plant. Renowned for its unique pink-tinged, variegated leaves, this plant offers an exceptional aesthetic appeal, which, combined with its easy care requirements, makes it a top choice for hedges in the UK.

Why Pink Marble Red Robin Makes a Great Hedge Choice

Distinctive Foliage: The Pink Marble Red Robin stands out for its variegated leaves, which feature a blend of green, cream, and a distinctive pink tint. This vibrant colour palette offers a visually striking hedge option.

Evergreen Nature: As an evergreen, this plant retains its colourful leaves year-round, providing constant visual interest and privacy.

Low Maintenance: Resistant to most pests and diseases, Pink Marble Red Robin is a robust plant. It tolerates pruning well, which can promote denser growth and offer better control over its shape and size.

Wildlife Attraction: Its small white flowers, which bloom in spring, attract a variety of pollinators, thereby supporting local biodiversity.

Comparison to Other Hedging Options

When compared to other hedging options, Pink Marble Red Robin holds its own due to several unique advantages:

Unmatched Variegation: The distinctive variegated leaves of Pink Marble Red Robin offer a colour display rarely seen in other hedging plants, creating a visually appealing and unique hedge.

Year-Round Interest: While deciduous hedges lose their leaves in the colder months, Pink Marble Red Robin, as an evergreen, provides a vibrant, attractive display throughout the year.

Resilience: This plant’s resistance to common diseases and pests makes it a reliable and robust choice compared to other species that may require more upkeep.

Pink Marble Red Robin in the UK Climate

The Pink Marble Red Robin is ideally suited to the UK’s temperate climate. It is hardy enough to endure the country’s winter months, while its tolerance of different soil types and light conditions ensures it can flourish in a variety of locales across the UK.

Its contribution to local biodiversity, providing nectar for pollinators and shelter for birds, is another advantage, making it an environmentally supportive choice for UK gardens.

Features or Requirements

While Pink Marble Red Robin is a relatively easy plant to care for, it thrives best in well-drained soil and in locations that receive full sun to partial shade. It benefits from an annual feed with a general-purpose fertiliser in the spring to encourage vigorous growth.

Like other Photinia varieties, it can be affected by leaf spot, so regular checks are recommended to keep this in check. Pruning should be done in mid to late spring, following the first flush of colourful new growth.


In summary, Photinia X Fraseri ‘Pink Marble’ is a fantastic choice for those seeking a distinctive and vibrant hedge. With its variegated leaves, year-round interest, and low-maintenance needs, this plant offers a unique and practical addition to UK gardens. Its positive impact on local biodiversity further enhances its appeal, making it a responsible and attractive choice for the conscientious gardener.


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