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The Green Horizon Griselinia, also referred to as the ‘New Zealand Privet ‘Green Horizon’, stands apart from the regular Griselinia Littoralis because its leaves are a darker, glossier green colour and they have a beautiful, oval shape. This rich green colour of the Green Horizon is always complimented by our customers as the hedging is evergreen so they can enjoy the colours of their gardens year-round.

The Green Horizon Griselinia will grow slightly faster than the regular Griselinia Littoralis and so may be a better option for those customers who want their hedging to grow quickly to help create more privacy and security, whilst limiting the amount of noise and wind in their gardens. If preferred, Green Horizon will grow over 6m in height and in one year the Green Horizon can typically grow anywhere from 60cm – 90cm depending on factors like watering and nutrient intake, placing it into the “fast growing hedge” category. It is easily maintained if trimmed once or twice a year, making it ideal if you prefer a low maintenance hedge. We offer you the choice of Green Horizon in a variety of sizes, meaning you can choose to affordably grow the hedging or receive it fully-grown and have the benefits of its privacy and vibrancy instantly.

Like the Griselinia Littoralis, Green Horizon Griselinia is ideal for all locations, including coastal gardens because of the plant’s high salt tolerance and hardiness against strong winds. The hedging can thrive in both fully sunned areas and partially shaded areas as well as in almost all varieties of soil, providing they are well-drained. Green Horizon can grow into a mature hedge easily and at a fast speed, so it is always popular with customers seeking a hedge that offers great privacy and protection.

The recommended planting density varies depending on the height of the plants you buy. For Example:

Small – 15-90cm: It is recommended that you plant 3-5 plants per meter

Medium – 90-150cm: It is recommended that you plant 2-3 plants per meter

Large – 150-300cm: It is recommended that you plant 1-2 plants per meter

Pallet Size

10, 25, 50, 100, 264

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