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Forsythia Hedging – Forsythia Intermedia ‘Lynwood Gold’

Forsythia Intermedia ‘Lynwood Gold’ is a renowned deciduous shrub used for hedging in the UK, renowned for its impressive early spring blossoms, rapid growth rate, and high adaptability.

Description and Characteristics

The ‘Lynwood Gold’ cultivar of Forsythia typically grows to a height of 2-3 metres (6.5-10 feet) when used for hedging. The dark green leaves, which emerge after the flowering period, create a thick, lush backdrop to gardens.

Forsythia ‘Lynwood Gold’ is a fast grower, typically gaining around 40-60cm (16-24 inches) per year. With appropriate care, this plant can offer numerous years of vibrant spring colour.

Flowering, Fruits, and Reproduction

Forsythia Intermedia ‘Lynwood Gold’ is prized for its brilliant display of vivid, golden-yellow flowers that appear in early spring, often before the foliage emerges. The flowers, which cover the entire length of the stems, bring a burst of sunshine to gardens after the winter months.

Forsythias do not typically produce significant fruit, with their main attraction being the striking spring flowers.

Benefits to Wildlife

The early flowers of Forsythia ‘Lynwood Gold’ provide a valuable food source for bees and other pollinators emerging from winter hibernation.

Ideal for British Gardens

Forsythia ‘Lynwood Gold’ is an excellent choice for British gardens due to its striking early spring blooms, rapid growth, and adaptability to various growing conditions. It can tolerate a range of soil types, as well as full sun to partial shade.

As a hedging plant, it offers a dense, vibrant barrier in the spring and a lush green screen in the summer. In addition, its resilience to pruning allows for easy shaping and maintenance.

Distribution in the UK

While Forsythia is not native to the UK, it is widely cultivated across the country in gardens and public parks.

In summary, Forsythia Intermedia ‘Lynwood Gold’, with its spectacular spring blossoms, fast growth rate, and high adaptability, is a fantastic choice for British garden designs. Whether you’re creating an eye-catching hedge, a wildlife-friendly garden, or simply want a plant that announces the arrival of spring with a bang, this cultivar of Forsythia is a great choice.

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