Eucalyptus Gunnii | Pot Grown | 170-200cm


Eucalyptus Gunnii

Our Eucalyptus Gunnii is a fantastically unique hedging option, it’s vibrant blue colour makes it stand out dramatically against other common green hedging varieties. The Eucalyptus is an evergreen options therefore when established into a hedge or a tree it is a fantastic privacy plant.

The Eucalyptus Gungii has a unique scent matching it’s unique foliage, this refreshing smell airs out the garden area year round adding an aesthetic appeal. The Eucalyptus is a rapid growing plant, growing upwards of 100cm annually making it very quick growing and subsequently high maintenance if you want this plant to be maintained as a hedge. The advantage of this is it’s quick establishment time to form a boundary garden wall or established tree.

The Eucalyptus can eventually grow up to 35m tall and beyond so be aware of this before planting, however it can be maintained at a certain height by being trimmed once or twice annually. This tree has an exceptional hardiness rating meaning it can survive through very cold temperatures of -25 and beyond making it a perfect fit for the UK climate and even colder climates too.

The Eucalyptus can thrive in Acidic / well drained / light / and sandy soils, it can struggle in heavier soils so be aware of this and think about applying some different soil or draining components to help the eucalyptus until it is fully established.

The recommended planting density varies depending on the height of Eucalyptus you purchase –

Small 15cm-100cm it is recommended that you plant 3-5 per metre
Medium 100cm-180cm it is recommended that you plant 2-3 per metre
Large 180cm-250cm it is recommended that you plant only 1-2 per metre

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