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The Cherry Laurel has broad, vibrant leaves that grow with the new foliage, which has an amber tint. This combination gives your garden colour and life throughout the year. As spring arrives, the Laurel will blossom white flowers against its green leaves, and in autumn time blue (inedible) berries will begin to grow. However, we urge our customers to note that if the hedge’s new foliage is trimmed this could result in the laurel losing its ability to flower that same year.

The Laurel (if preferred) will grow tall – easily over 8m in height, making it ideal for privacy. It is easily maintained if just trimmed once or twice a year and can typically grow anywhere from 30cm – 60cm depending on factors like watering and nutrients, placing it into the “fast growing hedge” category and making it very popular with our customers. We offer you the choice of Laurel from 15 cm tall to 200 cm tall, meaning you can affordably grow the hedging or receive it fully-grown and instantly have the benefits of its colour and privacy.

The Laurel is always in high demand from our customers because it’s an evergreen, which can give your garden year-round colour, wind protection and can encourage birds and wildlife to hide within it. It’s also durable, withstanding hot summers and grey, rainy days which allows it to thrive in all areas. It can grow in normal to clay soils but may struggle if you have chalky soil, if this is the case, we recommend looking at our Portuguese Laurel for sale instead, which will grow better in chalky soil.

The recommended planting density varies depending on the height of the plants you buy. For Example:
Small – (15-90cm): It is recommended that you plant 3-5 plants per meter
Medium – (90-150cm): It is recommended that you plant 2-3 plants per meter
Large – (150-300cm): It is recommended that you plant 1-2 plants per meter



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