Carre Rouge Trees – Photinia X Fraseri Carre Rouge


Photinia X Fraseri ‘Carre Rouge’, also known as Carre Rouge Red Robin, stands out as an elegant tree option, appreciated for its brilliant red to deep purple new foliage. As a smaller, denser variant of the Photinia family, it provides a versatile choice for numerous garden scenarios in the UK.


Carre Rouge Red Robin Trees (Photinia X Fraseri ‘Carre Rouge’)

Photinia X Fraseri ‘Carre Rouge’, also known as Carre Rouge Red Robin, stands out as an elegant tree option, appreciated for its brilliant red to deep purple new foliage. As a smaller, denser variant of the Photinia family, it provides a versatile choice for numerous garden scenarios in the UK.

Why Carre Rouge Red Robin Makes a Great Tree Choice

Unique Foliage: The new leaves of Carre Rouge Red Robin emerge with a striking red to purple hue, creating an outstanding contrast with the mature, dark green leaves. This display adds a vibrant aesthetic to any landscape.

Versatility: Whether sculpted into full standard, pleached, or topiary trees, Carre Rouge lends itself well to various forms, offering a wealth of landscaping opportunities.

Wildlife Attraction: In spring, Carre Rouge produces small white flowers that attract a range of pollinators, adding to the environmental value of your garden.

Compact and Hardy: Carre Rouge’s smaller, compact form combined with its hardiness makes it an ideal tree choice for gardens that require a robust, easy-to-manage tree.

Comparison to Other Tree Options

Carre Rouge Red Robin holds several unique advantages when compared to other tree species:

Distinctive Colour: The remarkable colour of Carre Rouge’s new foliage provides a display rarely matched by other trees.

Year-Round Interest: As an evergreen, Carre Rouge maintains its appeal throughout the year, unlike deciduous trees that lose their leaves in autumn and winter.

Size and Form: With its smaller and denser growth habit, Carre Rouge can fit into more compact garden spaces and can be expertly crafted into a variety of shapes, offering more flexibility in garden design.

Carre Rouge Red Robin in the UK Climate

Carre Rouge Red Robin thrives in the UK’s temperate climate. Its hardiness allows it to withstand cooler winters, and it adapts well to different soil types and light conditions, allowing it to thrive in a variety of garden situations across the UK.

Its dense growth and flowering habit also provide important habitats and food sources for local wildlife, further enhancing its suitability for UK gardens.

Features or Requirements

Although Carre Rouge Red Robin is a relatively easy tree to maintain, it prefers well-drained soil and sites with full sun to partial shade. A spring feed with a general-purpose fertiliser will enhance its growth and colour.

While resistant to most pests and diseases, it can occasionally be affected by leaf spot or fireblight, so regular checks are beneficial.

Carre Rouge Red Robin in Landscaping

Carre Rouge Red Robin trees make a stunning addition to any landscaping project. When trained into full standard trees, they provide a colourful focal point. As pleached trees, their neatly aligned branches offer a striking and orderly natural screen. Crafted into topiary forms, they can add a whimsical or formal aesthetic to the garden, showcasing creativity while providing year-round colour and interest.


In summary, Photinia X Fraseri ‘Carre Rouge’ offers an excellent tree choice for those seeking a compact, colourful, and versatile addition to their landscape. With its low maintenance requirements, adaptability to the UK climate, and support for local biodiversity, Carre Rouge Red Robin is an environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing option for any UK garden.


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