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Box hedging is a very popular choice for our customers, either as a topiary hedge due to its brilliant ability to be sculpted, or as low formal hedging. In either option, it is always complimented on its vibrant, bright appearance that comes from its fine leaves and light green colour from the new foliage.

The Box hedging (if preferred) will eventually grow over a metre high but be aware it can take up to 10 years to achieve this. The hedging is low maintenance as it needs to be trimmed just once a year to keep it at your desired height. In one year, the Box hedging will grow from 10cm – 15cm, depending on factors like watering and nutrients, placing it into the “slow growing hedge” category.
Our Box hedging is available for purchase from 15cm to 90 cm tall, meaning you can grow the hedging affordably or receive it fully-grown without having to wait for it to reach your preferred height.

Box Hedging is evergreen and consequently is praised for its colour. It is also chosen for its density, which helps make it ideal as a topiary and low formal hedging for privacy, green walls, and mazes. It’s a very versatile product as it can thrive in normal, clay and chalky soils, whilst being able to grow in both fully sunned areas and fully shaded areas.

Our customers love the hedging’s ability to be trained into unique shapes, helping to make their gardens stylish and original. Typically, box hedging is trained into shapes, including spirals, cones, and balls, but you can experiment with any shape you may choose. We also offer you the option of Box balls, cones and spirals already shaped, and you can find them on our topiary page.

The recommended planting density varies depending on the height of the plants you buy. For Example:
Small – (15-90cm): It is recommended that you plant 3-5 plants per meter
Medium – (90-150cm): It is recommended that you plant 2-3 plants per meter

Pallet Size

10, 25, 50, 100, 266

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