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Harrods Outdoor | Popular Hedging

Hedging options loved by most of our customers. We have compiled all of the most popular hedging products into one page, so you’re never too far from the plants you love.

1. Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel otherwise knows as Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundofolia has been one of the most popular plant options for hedging since the creation of Harrods Outdoor, back in 2020.
Truly a great choice for those wanting to create a dense, evergreen screen in their gardens which will act as shelter for wildlife, natural barrier from noise and air pollution and will keep their garden green all-year-round.
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2. Griselinia

Griselinia, also known as Griselinia Littoralis or New Zealand Privet has gained popularity over the last two years. It's one of the most loved hedging plants by Harrods Outdoor customers due to it's non-toxic and fast growing nature.
Griselinia has vivid, green leaves in a shape resembling an upside down rain drop and is also an evergreen. This plant can tolerate harsh and salty weather conditions making it particularly popular for coastal landscapes and gardens. Most often brought by customers at 50-70cm and 90-110cm tall.
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5. English Yew

Otherwise know as Taxus Baccata, these hedging plants are the undisputed king of hedging plants in the UK, they have fine foliage which trims up to become the tidiest hedging options available.
The fact the Yew hedging is evergreen is another reason our customers love it, because it gives your garden year-round colour, wind protection, privacy and somewhere for birds and wildlife to hide within it. It is also a versatile hedge as the Yew can grow in both fully sunned areas and shaded areas.
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6. Box Hedging

Box hedging is a very popular choice for our customers, either as a topiary hedge due to its brilliant ability to be sculpted, or as low formal hedging. In either option, it is always complimented on its vibrant, bright appearance that comes from its fine leaves and light green colour from the new foliage.
Box Hedging is evergreen and consequently is praised for its colour. It is also chosen for its density, which helps make it ideal as a topiary and low formal hedging for privacy, green walls, and mazes. It’s a very versatile product as it can thrive in normal, clay and chalky soils, whilst being able to grow in both fully sunned areas and fully shaded areas.
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