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If you’re searching for top-tier horticultural services, look no further than Harrod Outdoors. Our experienced team of horticulturists offers excellence in garden design and landscaping services, employing years of industry experience and a passion for creating lush, vibrant outdoor spaces. As a trusted provider of tailored, sustainable gardening solutions, we are your ultimate guide for transforming any outdoor area into a nature-filled haven.

From designing serene garden environments to enhancing local biodiversity and utilizing the latest in horticultural technology, our team works to fulfil your gardening and landscaping needs. Choosing Harrod Outdoors is not just about opting for a service; it’s about joining a community passionate about the outdoors, dedicated to bringing your dream garden vision to life. Experience the Harrod difference today and turn your dream outdoor space into a reality.

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From seed to delivery, we keep everything as simple and efficient as possible, this keeps our prices impressively low.

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We are so confident in our prices we will honor a price reduction if you can find a lower price elsewhere, without question.

Large Plants Available Instantly

We are one of the only suppliers in the UK growing supersize hedging and trees in vast quantities.

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We ensure our plant quality and density, so you get more for your money.


Partnering with gardeners and landscapers nationwide, Harrod Outdoors aims to provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience.

Inquire about our planting services at checkout or reach out to us via the phone. No matter your location within the UK, we’ve streamlined the process to make tackling large gardening or landscaping projects a breeze.

Experience ease and convenience like never before with Harrod Outdoors, your one-stop shop for all your horticultural needs.