We are Harrod Outdoors and this is how we came to embrace the outdoor.

We're on a mission to make our planet greener and change the way you shop for plants. With a simplified shopping system and a wide range of plants, you can be sure to end up with quality plants in your garden. Good for you and great for the planet.

From auntie's shed to gardens nationwide

Chandler Harrod founded Harrods Outdoor at the age of just 19 years old. Since 2020, Harrods Outdoor has become one of the largest growers of top-quality hedging plants, trees and topiary in the whole of England. Our streamline efficient operating methods makes us stand out and become increasingly popular among private gardeners and commercial landscaping teams.

Our business was born out of passion for the natural beauty in our world and every day our passion grows!

We believe that gardens are a vital space for everyone, whether that is through their own private spaces or public parks, because each natural space holds a wealth of opportunity.

Connection to Nature

Over these past years, the garden truly has become an extension to our homes as a new dining room, gym and purely just somewhere to unwind. Whether you use your garden to spend time with family, grow your own fruit and veg or just to reconnect to the British wildlife, the importance of our gardens cannot be overstated. 

At Harrods Outdoor, we understand this, and we understand gardens. We understand that these places deserve the best privacy, protection from wind/noise and aesthetic foliage that only good quality hedging can offer. We understand that only premium hedging plants will allow the hedging to thrive throughout all seasons, growing taller and wider with the vibrant leaves as they catch the summer sun and are watered under spring showers. We use our extensive horticultural knowledge and experience to care for these plants in our nursery, helping them grow from the smallest of seeds into well-established hedging plants that will give our customers this instant hedging they are looking for, adding value and colour to their gardens from the moment they are planted. And it is from this philosophy and passion for our customer’s satisfaction that Harrods Outdoor was born…