People that make it all happen, here at Harrod Outdoors.

Meet our dedicated and experienced horticultural team at Harrod Outdoors. At the heart of our mission to bring nature closer to your homes is a team of plant lovers, landscape designers and seasoned gardeners who collectively boast decades of experience in the field. Our team, led by Chandler Harrod, a seasoned horticulturalist, is committed to using sustainable and innovative approaches to foster plant growth and enhance your outdoor spaces. They’ve been behind the scenes, tending to the diverse range of plants we sell, looking after our customers and helping the company grow.

Whether you need a simple gardening solution or have a complex landscaping project, our experts are always ready to support and inspire you. Meet the people who make your gardens flourish at Harrod Outdoors.


Chandler Harrod

Company founder and director. 

Contact: 07494 513262

Martynas Varnas

Nursery Manager


Ugne Kivytaite

Website and Social Media Manager

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