Wimbledon Planting Project: Instant Yew Hedge

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Just a few weeks ago, our team at Harrod Outdoors completed a planting project at Wimbledon, London. The client wanted instant privacy and structure. Yew hedging, was a great choice, as it offers instant, dense privacy and retains it’s shape for a long time due to it’s slow growing habit. 

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A deep trench was dug out to create room for the roots using a spade. As seen in the photo, the soil was loamy and rich in humus. This allowed for a smooth planting and the job was complete reasonably quickly. Once the hedge was in the ground, irrigation was installed. Due to the size of the yew hedge, irrigation was essential to ensure successful establishment of the plants. In addition, we applied our Harrod Outdoor slow release fertilizer to give the plants a final boost and the job was complete.

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